John A. Grigson – Chief Executive Officer, Covenant Heath Partners

We had created a new company to deal with the rapid changes in healthcare and had hired many employees in a short period of time. This rapid growth included many new professionals in their first or second job and several directors managing for the first time. This created a dysfunctional work environment, culture and leadership situation. Lisa was able to come in and rapidly diagnose the problems and help me understand what was needed in order to put our organization on the right track for success. She exhibited great skill in understanding the underlying interpersonal issues of our team and coming up with a plan to create a positive and supportive work environment. She skillfully trained and provided mentorship to our new directors in order to help them understand their strengths and weaknesses as leaders. She created an action plan for each manager based on their opportunities for improvement and held them accountable for their development as a leader and a supervisor. Lisa was then able to help us create the culture that would allow us to succeed through a series of company level retreats that focused on understanding the company strategy, how each person was integral in achieving those goals and how each had a responsibility for their contribution through effective team work and behavior. Lisa was invaluable to me because she was not afraid to confront the truth, even in my own leadership style, and challenge me to see people and situations from a different perspective. She became a resource that I could trust for straight forward advice, even when I did not want to hear it, about decisions I needed to make or not make. Even though I hired her to help my company, her personal style and approach motivated me to become a more effective leader and value the need for effective leadership training. Without Lisa I am not sure our company would have survived, so I am extremely thankful for her talent, friendship and complete dedication to putting our company in a position to thrive.

by John A. Grigson from Covenant Health System

Sue Alberti – Senior Vice President of Marketing, Devon Energy

Lisa Tesvich has been the perfect combination for an executive coach. I found that she took the time to really get to know me and my goals, and helped me think through how best to achieve these goals. Lisa was a wonderful sounding board when thinking through leadership challenges, and was encouraging when I was working through difficult issues. She also pushed appropriately, keeping me on track and testing my progress on plans that we developed. I have relied on her honest and wise counsel to assist me in building on my strengths and improving in areas where I had gaps. I think it ultimately comes down to my absolute belief that Lisa has truly helped me become a better leader.

by Sue Alberti from Devon Energy

Christopher Dougherty – Children’s Hospital and Lakeside Campus, Covenant Health System

Lisa Tesvich is truly a remarkable coach, consultant and trusted advisor. She is extremely adept in getting desired results and in doing so in a very timely manner. I have worked with Lisa on several different projects, visioning for the organization, team building, resiliency development just to name a few. She has been a great success in each of these areas through her artful ability to combine tremendous creativity and innovation with expertise and sharp acumen for getting results. Lisa has an incredible gift of honest feedback. She calls it like it is in an extremely professional way. I have been amazed by her ability to work with all levels of the organization – she quickly gains trust and respect. I am certain I will be utilizing Lisa’s talents and I highly recommend that anyone who needs a tremendous consultant for difficult challenges, that they also utilize Lisa.

by Christopher Dougherty from Chief Executive Office - Children's Hospital and Lakeside Campus at Covenant Health System

Troy Thibodeaux – Chief Operating Officer, Covenant Health System

I would like to endorse the professional expertise provided by Lisa Tesvich. I originally engaged Lisa to provide executive coaching services as I transitioned into my new role as Chief Operating Officer with Covenant Health. As we began our work together I immediately recognized Lisa’s ability to provide a personalized approach built around the strengths and opportunities of her clients. Rather than using cookie cutter consulting models, Lisa developed an in-depth knowledge of my abilities, environment and personal being.

Our initial work together resulted in a clear plan that would eventually lead to significant improvements in my performance and success. After working with Lisa for a short period of time, I recognized that her skills would also benefit my entire executive team. As a result, we expanded the scope of her work into a collective team building engagement. The results have been outstanding. Lisa’s work has been transformational in that our team’s level of trust and performance has risen to new levels, especially in the face of adversity and crisis.

One of the most successful aspects of Lisa’s work was the preparation and facilitation of a two day retreat. In preparation for the retreat, Lisa took time to gain incredible insight into our team dynamics. She used this insight to develop an agenda tailored to the needs and opportunities of our team. Following the retreat I heard from several participants who declared the event to be the most productive team building event ever.

From a personal standpoint, my work with Lisa has undoubtedly improved my success and more importantly my confidence as a leader. Her direct and honest approach has helped me acknowledge and improve critical deficits that were impeding my success. For these reasons and many others, I enthusiastically endorse the services of Lisa Tesvich.

by Troy Thibodeaux from Covenant Health System

Cathy Taylor – Commander, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department

As a Commander on the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, I was given the task of instituting a new leadership program to the entire Department. This task seemed daunting as the program had to comply with specifics laid out in a court decree which included deadlines for compliance. This entirely new venture for the Department was like trying to turn an ocean liner around on a dime. We realized we needed an expert to work within our culture and guide us through the very important steps necessary to complete our project, implement training, follow through with documentation, track our results and qualify our successes for the court. We found Lisa Tesvich. What a perfect fit for the job! Lisa’s strengths are her ability to see the problem with a fresh eye, identify in a methodical order what needs to be done, succinctly deliver the path and follow up to make sure we stay the course. This all sounds so simple but, when dealing with a Department the size of Los Angeles County simplicity was not in the equation. Lisa stood confident in her delivery to the Department’s top executives when presenting her concept. She used common sense and humor to persuade the skeptics and proved herself a leader amongst them all. All this is packed in a 5 foot 2 inch frame full of professionalism. In one year Lisa successfully guided the Department to completion of the training, helped professionally deliver a very sensitive topic to the ranks and created a finish line for our obligation. What a task, what an expert, what a fit for our needs. Lisa delivered and the Department may never know how much she really saved them.

by Cathy Taylor from Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department

Dr. David Gray – Chief Medical Officer, Covenant Heath Partners

I accepted a leadership position with a very young, rapidly growing company in mid-2013. The entire organization, including the executive team, was struggling with interpersonal issues which were distracting them from the important work with which the company had been tasked. Lisa was engaged to help assess the situation, implement a recovery strategy, and follow-up on sustainment of the team-building tactics which were put in place under her guidance.

15 months later the organization has achieved several significant operational milestones including dramatically increased job satisfaction among the team members. The entire organization is now positioned to focus on the challenging strategic initiatives of the coming years, having built the necessary trust, shared vision, and internal support which had previously been lacking. Successful development of this esprit-de-corps would not have been possible without Lisa’s insights and guidance.

by Dr. David Gray from Covenant Heath Partners

Michael Henrici – Chief Human Resources Officer, Roxborough Memorial Hospital

Lisa is a highly skilled C-level management consultant and industrial-organizational psychologist. I have worked closely with Lisa as both a client and colleague and personally attest to the knowledge and skill set she brings to the organizational development space. As a results-oriented professional, Lisa has an innate ability to bridge differences in organizational dysfunction to achieve consensus and bring about positive transformational change. As a mentor, Lisa brings insight gleaned from over 15 years of consulting experience in both the private and public sectors; insight that necessarily broadens one’s own perspective enhancing professional growth. I count myself lucky to know and to have worked with Lisa.

by Michael Henrici from Roxborough Memorial Hospital

Mike Potter – Sr. Director, IT, Devon Energy

Lisa’s coaching is making me a more effective leader. I started working with Lisa in September 2011, after a 360 degree feedback session. After getting to know me through in-depth interviews and a DiSC Assessment, she interviewed the people that contributed to my 360, including my supervisor (our CIO), my peers, and my direct reports. She compiled and analyzed the data, and her analysis was on point. I implemented her recommendations at the beginning of 2012, and my team is responding better than I ever could have imagined. This has been my first experience working with a leadership coach and Lisa has set the bar very high, indeed!

by Mike Potter from Devon Energy

Ryan Faulkner-former Senior VP of HR, St. Joseph’s Health System

Lisa supported SJHS by conducting leadership assessments, providing feedback and coaching to leaders, conducting talent review/planning sessions, and outlining development plans. Her in-depth expertise, integrity, and ability to work with Hospital leaders of all levels has made this effort a great success.

by Ryan Faulkner from Optum

Andrew Nolan – Partner and former SoCal Market Financial Services Team Leader, PricewaterhouseCoopers

The Financial Services team was struggling when I took over, primarily evidenced by a siloed partner group and unacceptable levels of turnover. This instability was weakening our ability to achieve our objectives. Lisa brought an independent perspective as she uncovered root causes of our problems and courageously but tactfully delivered some tough messages to me and the other partners. Together we chartered a course of action that engaged all levels of our 120 member team in designing and executing a roadmap for improvement. Over the course of 15 months, she worked with me to structure my organization, establish team goals and objectives and execute our plan that brought us out of crisis management and into strategic management. Along the way she became an invaluable member of our team as we came to rely on her guidance to take us to the next level as a team. I am extremely grateful for Lisa’s efforts, which resulted in a stronger, far more cohesive and functional team performing better and achieving our desired results.

by Andrew Nolan from PricewaterhouseCoopers

Stephanie Smith-Ejnes – former HR Director, PricewaterhouseCoopers

I had the pleasure of working with Lisa at PwC when she helped us navigate a major division-wide change initiative and also served as a trusted executive coach to me. I was immediately struck by her intelligence, deep organizational expertise, and great sense of humor. Lisa is the ultimate problem solver with a clear and focused mind. She has an uncanny ability to get to the core of an issue quickly, and in collaboration with key stakeholders. Not only is Lisa an expert in change management, she is also extremely effective at developing leaders and teams. She was an invaluable asset to me when she helped me design and implement a team development initiative. Her vast knowledge, directness, and compassion all lend themselves to amazing results.

by Stephanie Smith-Ejnes from Nuveen Investments

Stella S. Wolf – former HR Director of Ameritech Cellular

Our organizational strategy shifted from competing on cost to competing on service. Given our product had traditionally been in high demand, our employees were skilled in taking customer orders but not necessarily accustomed to what the future would require ( i.e., focusing on customer needs, educating them and selling product benefits). I was overwhelmed with the objective of re-skilling almost 100 store managers with our new direction. When I met Lisa, I was immediately comforted by her ability to quickly understand the complexity of the situation and present clarity in a path forward. For the next 18 months I depended upon her exceptional ability to transform our vision into action, her consistent high quality of work and her passion for getting things done right. She developed our competency framework, conducted a rigorous assessment process for each manager, then created and implemented a phased training program with follow-on developmental opportunities. As a direct result, we saw immediate improvement in the manager population as a whole and we knew exactly which players we could count on to position us for the future. What a significant insight! Lisa’s ability to get results and her rare combination of talent, dedication and warmth make her a true treasure to work with! I wholeheartedly recommend her. 

by Stella S. Wolf from V & V Supremo Foods, Inc