LisaTestExecItalicsOne of the most fundamental gifts of executive coaching is increased self-awareness.

Through a highly personalized process, together we will gain a deep understanding of your styles, preferences, values and passions and gauge your emotional strengths and vulnerabilities. By honest evaluation and feedback, you will gain visibility and insights into blind spots that have likely been hindering your true potential. This awareness is a major step towards personal and professional growth.

Specific Steps In This Process Typically Include:

In-depth assessment

  • Detailed get-to-know you discussions with the person being coached.
  • Use of assessment instruments such as the DiSC assessment, conflict assessments and/or others to understand styles and preferences.
  • Interviews with supervisors, peers, direct report and potentially customers or clients.
  • Review of any previous 360 degree feedback, surveys, etc.
Delivery of feedback

  • In-depth discussion and reporting of findings, conclusions, observations and recommendations.
  • Implementation of plan.

On going support

  • 1-3 monthly meetings to implement recommendations.
  • Track progress.